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Jessiica Howell Fashions, LLC
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Jessiica Howell Fashions, LLC was founded by fashion designer Jessiica Howell. The fashion line, Jessiica Howell Fashions, creates upscale, comfortable, flirty, trendy and affordable clothing for women.  

The mission of the company is to enhance the individuality of women by designing garments that women can look and feel good wearing. Jessiica Howell Fashions strives to bring out the personality of women by catering to their need for comfort and style.

The custom division within Jessiica Howell Fashions creates made-to-order, one-of-a-kind, exclusive garments. By creating such a standard, each garment within this division is an exclusive piece for the woman who wears it. When a woman wears her custom garment, she can rest assured that the design will establish her as a fashion icon.




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