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About Jessiica

Jessiica Howell's passion for fashion began in middle school in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. She began making headbands and ponytail holders for her friends as a way to keep their hair away from their faces in school. Her business sense came alive when the demand increased for her hair accessories.

After moving to Texas, Jessiica continued
her passion by studying fashion design in high school, which led to a fashion design scholarship upon graduation. Several garments Jessiica designed were featured in a number of local fashion shows.

After attending Texas Tech University and studying a combination of Fashion Design and Human Development, Jessiica put her passion for fashion on hold to begin a career in corporate America. 

In 2011, an epiphany convinced Jessiica to return to what she loved and in 2012, Jessiica Howell Fashions, LLC was born. To ensure that her company was unique, Jessiica wanted to focus on what was important to women. When asked how she selects her own clothing, she stated, "I really enjoy wearing clothing that no one else has, so I look for something different, or I try to make a popular item unique." With that in mind, Jessiica created the custom line within Jessiica Howell Fashions, LLC.


" It is never too late to follow your passion."

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